Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finally Some Pictures of My Room

Let me tell you it has been a very,very bsy week! Besides being the First Week of School, we had to prepare our classrooms on Friday for the storm that we will be getting tomorrow. Ugh! Can you imagine having to cover everything up, moving many of your things away from windows, and getting everything off of the floor? Also, hoping that the roof doesn't leak and ruin your decorations! (Man, am I stressing about that one.) I tried to snap some pictures of the room before leaving on Friday, but many of them didn't come out very well. I will definitely be taking better ones on Tuesday (School was cancelled on Monday), when we return.

Well, my theme this year is "The Great Outdoors". A lot of my color scheme is Green and Brown.

This is the view from the front door. Please pardon some of the mess as I was packing up my room for the storm.

When the students walk in they place the backpacks on hooks to the left and then I have my whole group and classroom library. Straight ahead you see my computers, listening station, and one of the trees I made. (If you notice, I already had begun putting plastic over my computers and boxing up journals, so they wouldn't get damaged.) Here is a close-up of the tree. 

I have a squirrel on one of the branches, but I think he is to small so I will be making a bigger one this weekend.

Above my computers and to the left of the tree is a bulletin board to display student work. I placed some work from my First and Second Grade students. We read "David Goes to Schoo" and they had to write about how David could be a better student. They came out super cute.

To the right of the tree and above my whole group area is my word wall and station assignment boards for my students. Along with my classroom library.
I feel like my word wall needs a little more pizazz so I am making some things to go on the corners. This will be a project for tomorrow, while we are shut in due to the storm.
We will be starting stations this week and these bushes will have berries with the students names on them. Kindergarten will be on strawberries, First Grade on blueberries, and Second Grade on Blackberries. My students go to 6 stations each week: Computer, Teacher, Textbook, Word Study, Reading and Listening, and Challenge.
Here is a picture of my behavior clip chart. We have 7 colors. The students start on Green each day and either clip up or down based on their behavior.

My Class Jobs display is next to my behavior chart on the door to the alcove/closet space that I share with my writing teacher.

This is looking a little to the left from the front door. I began moving things away from the window area before taking this picture.
This is another tree located in the back of my room next to the bathroom. I also placed a pocket chart there for Word Study Station and for students to do sequencing activities. (Pardon the crates as I moved them off of a shelf that had to be moved away from the window. They aren't staying there.)
Here is my Birthday Display. The picture doesn't do it justice. They are fireflies in jars for each month. I'll definitely have to get a better picture for ya'll.

This is the last picture I have for tonight. This is looking from my bathroom to the front of the room. I will be taking more pictures of my room when I return. My alphabet that I made came out blurry. I can't wait to show ya'll the rest.
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and those who are going to be affected by the storm stays safe. I'm hoping we don't loss power as I have several units that I want to work on. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday

So tomorrow, August 17th, is my birthday and it is also Meet 'N Greet at my school. I have been working very hard on my classroom all week and can't wait to reveal it to ya'll this weekend. Anyone want to guess what my theme is this year? (Lori, you can't tell since you have seen it.)

Eventhough my classroom is ready to go for tomorrow morning, I still feel like I need to do more or that something isn't done. All afternoon, I have been adding things to a list to do in the morning or after Meet 'N Greet for the first day of school. Anyone else do this or feel this way?

Anywho to celebrate my birthday, I have decided to have a sale in my TPT store for the weekend. You can take advantage of a 20% off savings on my items. Just click below.

Don't forget to come back and check out my pictures of my classroom reveal! Also, leave a comment as to what you think my theme is. I would love to hear everyone's guesses.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Sale and Classroom Before Pics

So, the time has come for many of us to head Back to School. I have been super busy this past week with trainings. I was able to get into my room and place the furniture, for the most part, where I wanted it. Here are some pictures. Pardon the mess.

This is the view to the direct left when entering the room.

This is looking towards the left but looking towards my guided reading area. See the pink bulletin board. That's where my guided reading area will be. (The pink paper will be coming down.)

This is looking straight ahead from the doorway. This will be whole group and my classroom library area this year.

On Tuesday, I trained all the new teachers at our school on Project CHILD, which is the delivery method we use. The remainder of the week, we had trainings for our Regional area for our Charter School company. They did provide us with a wonderful luncheon on Friday at a hotel, where our school won 3 awards. I also won a giftcard to Walmart. Whoop whoop! I never win anything so this was a shocker.

This week will be a week of finishing the classroom and preping for the first week of school. We have Meet 'N Greet on Friday. I can't wait to reveal my new classroom theme. I am super excited and have been finishing up laminating and cutting out my decor today. I will post after pictures of what my class looks like for all of you.

As you may already know, TPT will be having a Back to School sale on August 12-13th. I will be offering 20% off my items, plus TPT will be giving an extra 10% off when you use the coupon code: BtS12. Check out my items along with many other sellers. Click below to go to my store.

Have a nice weekend and I can't to show you my room this week!