Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Supply Pencil Book Craftivity

I wanted to share with you quickly a cute little School Supply Pencil Book Craftivity that I created for my class. This is a cute, fun book for students to make that they can take home to practice the school supply words. The school supply words that are included in this book are crayon, school, bus, glue, notebook, scissors, pencil, book and paint.

This is the front cover.
Here are some examples of the inside pages.

Your students get to practice reading and tracing the school words.
Here is the back cover.

This is a great way for them to learn school related words along with working on their fine motor skills. I love having my students practice their tracing and cutting skills.
I'll be giving away this craftivity to one lucky follower. Good luck!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Classroom Reveal

Busy, busy, busy! I know we all have been super busy over the past few weeks. Many of us have already started back or are just heading back. I know I sure have been. I am now in my second week of school. I know a little late but is ever really late to post pictures of your classroom. So, here we go!

Welcome to my Kindergarten Corral!
This is my job chart area. The jobs are posted on Wanted Posters and my students' names are on badges. My jobs are Trail Guide, Door Rustler, Sheriff (Teacher's Helper), Ranch Hands (lunchroom helpers & classroom monitors), Lantern Lighter, Pony Express (Messengers), Paper Wranglers, Book Posse (Classroom Librarians), and Banker. Each job earns a paycheck at the end of the week.
Here is my behavior chart.
Here is my Buckaroo Bucks Classroom Economy. My students earn money or get debits each day for their behavior based on the color they receive at the end of the day. I also hand out Buckaroo Bucks throughout the day to reinforce positive behavior. Students who have jobs that week receive a paycheck on Friday before the General Store (classroom store) opens.
 This is my General Store. Each drawer is worth a different dollar amount. (Sorry, the labels are missing in this picture.) The top drawer contains stickers and is worth $5. My students receive $5 at the beginning of the week to start off. As long as, they can keep that $5 then they will receive at least a sticker at the end of the week.

Above my windows, I made a valance using blue and red bandanas. I LOVE this added touch.

Here is my Word Wall and a close up of the letters. You can also see part of my Alphabet and Color Posters at the top.

A close up of my Alphabet and Color Posters.
Above my Calendar Math board I have my Shape and Number Posters that I made. (I don't know what happened to the pictures of my Calendar Math Board. They are missing. I'll have to take them again and repost later.)
Hello, little cute armadillo!

I added these cute 3D cactus around my room for detail. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
I also have my seat sacks that my mom made for me my First year teaching. They have survived 10 years of teaching and are still going strong!
Well, that's my Kindergarten Corral! What do you all think? I LOVE my theme this year. I went back and forth for many weeks before deciding and I couldn't be happier. Even though, I look around my room everyday and think about what else I need to add. Do any of you do the same?

Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's that time of year again, Back To School! Sigh! Well, what better way to head back than with a sale. Come on you all know you like to shop and get deals! Head on over to TPT for the Big Back To School Sale! Remember to enter the code BTS13 for additional savings below you checkout.

Leave a comment below on what you purchased. I can say I'll be posting about my purchases.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher

So today was our first official day back. Today, we had a staff breakfast, followed by working in our rooms, and then we got our class lists at the end of the day. I have 20 students in my class and I am super excited to meet my new Kinders. How about you all? How many do you have in your class this year?


Well, this week is "Teacher Week" Linky. I am very excited to get to know everyone and share things with you all. Here's the schedule:

First off, I'm Cara.

Today, I will be sharing...

 1. I am a Disney-aholic. I LOVE Disney and if I could I would live there. I love watching my little girl light up when she sees the castle.

2. I love making hairbows. I also sell them on the side.


  3. I love watching the University of Tennessee football. I can't wait until the season starts. Go Vols!

4. I'm obsessed with Vera Bradley. I believe I have over 25 bags. Love, love, love!


5. My husband is also a teacher. We have taught together at the same school for 7 years now. This will be the first year since then that we haven't worked at the same school.

6. I love visiting the Smoky Mountains. It's so beautiful and relaxing.

7. I am obsessed with Pinterest. I enjoy finding new things for my classroom and home.

8. I am a Reality TV Show Junkie. Big Brother, Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, Duck Dynasty, Gator Boys, you name it, I watch it.
9. My daughter is my world. She makes me laugh everyday and brings such great joy to my life.


10. My favorite time of year in school is setting up my classroom. I can't wait to come back tomorrow and show off pictures.



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Daily 5 Folders

This will be my first year implementing Daily 5 in my classroom. Last year as a Curriculum Coach and Resource Teacher, I was exposed to it in the classrooms I visited. I have read the book and am excited to start using it in my classroom, as well as, learning about it through others.

As I have been planning different activities and deciding how I’m going to set up my classroom, I came up with an idea of how my students are going to hold papers for the activities that they complete along with holding them accountable for their work. Well, I created this folder.

This is the front cover, where my students will write their names. Here is what the completed folders look like. (I go through step by step on how to make one.)


Here is the first folder which has a pocket for Read to Self/Read to Someone Response papers. It also has a pocket for Listen to Reading Response papers.
When you turn the first folder, I placed a sheet protector with a Daily 5 checklist and rubric.
The next folder has a pocket for Word Work and Work on Writing papers.
On the back cover, I placed "EEKK!" and "I PICK" reminders for my students.
Now here is how you make these Daily 5 folders.
First, you need 2 folders with pockets and prongs, as well as, a sheet protector.
Next, print off the papers to make the folders. You can do so by clicking here.
Now, open up one of the folders. Fold it in half so the pockets are facing out. Like the image below.
Then, open up the other folder and place it in front of you. Place the folded folder inside the flaps where the prongs are located.
Now, you line up the prongs and holes and close the folder just like you would if you were placing papers inside it.
Turn the folder to the next and do the same.

Once you have closed all the prongs, your folder will look like this closed. You now have two folders fastened together for durability.
Now, to add the sheet protector page. Open the folders to the very inside of the folders. You will see the back of one folder and the front of the other. I simply place the sheet protector down and taped it with colored masking tape on both sides.
You are now done making the folder but you have a few more steps.
Glue the front cover on.
Then, cut out the labels for the pockets. I cut around the design, however to save you time you can just cut them into a rectangle and glue to the pockets.
You then, need to place the Daily 5 Checklist and Rubric into the sheet protector. Why are they going into a sheet protector you might be asking yourself? How are they going to mark on the checklist and rubric? Well to save on paper each week, I will be having my students use dry erase markers to mark on the sheet protector. Each day my students will circle the Daily 5 activities that they completed on their Checklist. I can then easily look at it at the end of the day or at the end of my Reading Block. Next, the rubric will be completed at the end of each week with the students circling their score and then writing the number in the box.
 Finally, I glued the "EEKK!" and "I PICK" reminders on the back of the folder for students to review if needed.
I hope you find these folders as a great resource for your classroom. I am looking forward to using them in mine and know it will be a great way for them to be held accountable for their work.
I will also be participating with First Grade in Foxwell Forest, for her monthly Daily 5 on the Fifth Linky Party. Click below to stop by and check out all the wonderful things others are doing in their classrooms with Daily 5.