Saturday, January 5, 2013

Freebie Friday (Well Almost)- "Snowman"y Numbers

Well, I can't believe that break is almost over. I know some of you had to return this week. How did it go? I went in today to help interview some candidates to 2 classroom positions, as well as, a STEM position. Well there, I was able to look at my office/classroom and man do I have some work to do. Our custodian wasn't suppose to wax my room, but he decided to anyways. Usually when they do this, we have to move some things. I didn't do this before break, so I was shocked when I came back and many things were moved. Oh well, I'll be spending time on Monday rearranging my things, but I'm super excited to have such a sparkly, clean room. (Big Thumbs Up!)

Anywho, as I normally do on Fridays, I will be offering a FREEBIE by linking up to "Teaching Blog Addict". I LOVE sharing things with all of you! I mine who doesn't like something FREE! I certainly do. Check out the blog for other freebies by clicking below. (I had technical difficulties and couldn't get it on the site yesterday, but still go there and check out the other freebies.)

Freebie Fridays

Today, I am sharing with you my "Snowman"y Numbers Math Center Activity. Click on the picture below to link to my TPT store to snag the FREEBIE!


Jessica Fredrickson said...

Awww these are great and so adorable! :) Thanks for sharing! I walk into my classroom each morning and stuff has moved somehow! My kiddos think it is hilarious, especially when something is really out of place- like the library couch in the middle of the ABC carpet!

Fun in PreK-1

O FISH ally a First Grader (Corinna) said...

I'll be rearranging my classroom on Monday after PD too! Actually I'll be unpacking my entire classroom, so I feel your pain! I had to pack up my entire classroom before the break because they are replacing the floors in our K/1 wing. I'm looking forward to seeing the new floors, but I'm dreading unpacking and putting my classroom back together after the PD. Oh well.. it is what it is!

rebecca sutton said...

Thanks so much for linking up with my January Freebies link up! This activity is sooo cute! My students can always use practice with tally marks! I'm so sorry to hear your room got waxed over the holiday! You are so positive about focussing on the clean floors! I love it!

Teaching First

lamamitavita said...

I just love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely check out your TPT store! Just curious, what program do you use to make your cute worksheets and booklets?? Thanks!
Vita Tringone
Kindergarten Teacher