Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What would you do?!?!

So it has been an eventful week for me. We returned home from Tennessee to my little girl having a fever. We still have no clue what caused the fever. I thought it was molars coming in but still haven't seen any signs. So with her being sick, I wasn't able to attend the Common Core Conference like I originally was scheduled to do. I found a replacement for me since my school was paying for it. I happened to get a friend of mine who was just announced the Principal for another school within out Charter School Company. I'm very thankful that she'll be able to share the information for me.

On Saturday, we had a very exciting day! We celebrated our daugther's 2nd Birthday! I made many of the decorations for the party and she enjoyed it with several of her little "buddies". She's calls them her buddies and we have caught her several times going around the house calling out "Oh, buddies! Where are you?" Haha! Here are some pictures from before everyone arrived and a few others.

That's B with her Best Friend!

So now I know you are all wondering about the title, right? Well, I lost something and can't find it anywhere! I don't know if B got ahold of it and hid it. I've asked her and trying to get an anwser from a 2 year old is impossible. What is it that I lost you might be wondering? Well........

I happened to have lost my jump drive. Not just any old jump drive. This happens to be the jump drive that I save all of the things I make for my classroom on it. I have been freaking out for several days now. I had a bunch of new things I made and wanted to share with all of you on there, but now have to start all over. So, the question is: What wonder you do in this situation?

Since I am starting all over with several of the things I have already created, here are a few of the new things. (More to come once I remake them or find my jump drive.) Click on the images to check them out.

Initial Sounds Bingo

Crayons Emergent Reader

I hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July!


Lisa R. said...

Oh no! I hope everything looks up soon! I'm sorry about your jump drive. I don't know what I would do. I know they have a free program called Dropbox now that you can save all of your files to, therefore, if you lose your jump drive or your computer crashes, all of your files are still on there.
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

Lisa stole my idea lol jk I haven't tried it, but I hear wonderful things!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
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Second Grade Smartypants said...

Cute party pictures! We are giving you the Liebster Award! Stop by our blog to pick it up :)

-Katie and Lisen

Jennifer said...

I use Dropbox also.