Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smelly Scents and Dollar Section Finds

So, I have been asked many times by my colleagues about a little positive reinforcement that I do with my students. They often ask me one of the following: Why are you always carrying a chap stick around in your hand? Why are your kids smelling their hands like that? What is a smelly scent?

Well, it a little thing I started to do in my classroom a few years ago. I would often use stickers to reward my students and with my little ones I would often see them on my floor, in the hallway, on my tables, etc. throughout the day. My students especially LOVED the smelly stickers that I had, but those can get expensive. This got me to thinking about what I could use to replace the stickers, but also give them the smelly sensation that they liked. Hmmm...that's when I came across my idea in the Dollar Section at Target. I saw those chap sticks that come in the fun, funky flavors. That's where the idea emerged! I would use these as rewards. No, they don't use them on their lips. I simply take a chap stick and put a dot on the back of their hands. I LOVE it and so do my kids. It's easy for me to carry in my pocket when we are walking in the hall. I even allow them to pick their smelly scent. I don't have to worry about the stickers being all over my room. At first when teachers see my kids smelling their hands, I get the crazy looks, but once I explain it they laugh.

Here is a picture of my smelly scent collection:

Here are some of my students picking out their smelly scents:

Of course, you have to smell each one to see which one is the best!
Picking the right one is some serious business!
He finally found the one he wanted.

I also, wanted to share with you some of the things that I picked up in the Dollar Section tonight at Target. I LOVE that section! Don't you?

Here are three new smelly scents to be added to my collection.

I found these and thought I could make some sort of craft project with them.
Items for my prize box and treat bags for our Fall Party.
Some Fall decorations, a glittery leaf garland and glittery turkey garland.
Then, I came across these things that I could use for manipulatives, game pieces, etc.
(They are actually Table Scatter.)
Here are a close up of them:
They also had pumpkins, but only had one left and the box was opened and missing quite a lot of pieces.
I'm SUPER excited about my finds. Just thought I would share with you. Let me know what you think.

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