Saturday, September 29, 2012

There Was An Old Lady...

This week seemed to have flown by. Did it feel like that for anyone else? Wednesday we had off, Thursday was an Early Release day for our students (they get out of school at 12:15, while we have meetings or trainings), and Friday I took off because the person that watches my daughter during the week took her kids to Disney World. Oh, how I wish I was there! Wait, I will be at the end of the month.

Well during my day off, I worked on some things for my classroom and thought I would share them with you. I will be taking pictures of my students using the activities and posting them here for you all. I created a few activities to use with these books:
I love these books! My students find everything that she does really funny. I use the books to review events in a story with them. We sequence what she swallows. Here are the pocket chart activities that I made to go along with the books. My students have to put the picture cards in order and match the word cards to the pictures. They love getting a chance to do this at my pocket chart.
In addition to the pocket chart activities, I created a "There Was An Old Lady" Retelling Craftivity. The craftivity includes templates and directions, along with the retelling cards that the students color.
Here is my example for my students:
I used a ziploc bag taped to the back to hold the cards. My students are going to FLIP when they see that they get to make their very own Old Lady to take home and share the story with their family.

I also, created 2 readers to go along with the story and practice theme words. They are very easy for students to assemble and the students trace the theme words on each page.
Check out the unit at my TPT store below clicking on the item below:
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Feel free to comment and share what you are doing in your rooms.


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Lisa R. said...

I am loving the Old Lady Craftivity!! That is so adorable!! :)
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