Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 5 & 6...Sorry for the delay

Have you ever had that day where you are just way to tired to do anything? Well, yesterday was THAT day for me. I got home late and was just way to tired. I ended up falling asleep sitting up while reading a story to my daughter, that's how tired I was. So I'm sorry for the delay of Day 5. To make up for it, I am posting both Day 5 & 6 now and leaving it up until Saturday morning. That's extended time to snag your freebies. : )

Day 5 Freebie is....a Reindeer Labeling page, Reindeer web, and Reindeer Tree Map. Remember to click on the first picture to snag it.

Day 6 is a Stocking Stuffer Counting. Students count the dots on the ten frame and then find the candy cane and cookie to match the number. The candy canes have the numeral on them and the cookies have tally marks. This center activity aligns with Common Core K.CC.5. Click on the picture to snag it.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be posting some craftivities soon! Remember to leave some love and share my blog.



Rachel said...

Love the freebies! Thank you!

Jessica Fredrickson said...

Just found you through TBA and I'm so glad! Thank you for the great freebies and I'm so excited to follow you now! :)

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The Teachers Backpack said...

You are very welcome! I love sharing with everyone.

Fern Smith said...

Thank you for sharing this at TBA, have a wonderful week!
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