Monday, July 29, 2013

Classroom Makeover: Day 1

Today, I was able to get into my new classroom. My husband and daughter came with me. I was able to put my husband to work bringing in the first load of boxes that I currently have stored at my parents house. (We live in a condo so, I was lucky that they allowed me to use their spare bedroom to store my things.) I spent most of the morning just placing my furniture where I wanted it to go. I still have a lot of the previous teacher's items in my room, along with maintenance storing things like light bulbs, ceiling tiles, etc. in my new room. I simply just moved most of the items to one area in the room and didn't even touch the other teacher's items in my closet or cabinets. I talked to her briefly today and she is coming in on Wednesday to get her things and move them into her new room. Here is how I decided to setup my classroom for now.
This is looking from the front of the room towards the back. Most of the items on the shelf are the other teacher's and some is manipulatives. I have to go through that tomorrow. My plan is to have this area be my guided teaching table.

This is looking from the front towards the back where the closet is located. I ended up moving the filing cabinet after taking this picture to another area of the room and placed another bookshelf there. I will be using the filing cabinet as a center for students to make words or do math centers with magnets.

This will be my classroom library and whole group instruction area. The carpet for this area is getting cleaned.

This is looking from the back towards the front door. If you notice, you can see some of the items that belong to the other teacher along with some maintenance items off to the right. (I didn't take a picture of that because it is very cluttered.) *Notice my little "Flash" running in the picture. LOL! She was having a ball playing with the linking cubes.

Another view of my students tables. There she is again playing with the math bins.

This is the last hexagon table towards my other door. I also have a kitchen that I placed under the bulletin board. I'm thinking about moving it. I am debating whether or not to make that bulletin board my calendar math board or making the small bulletin board in my library the calendar math board. I was also thinking that the small bulletin board could be used to post my weekly poem. Hmmmm....what do you think? Opinions please.


Veronica Porche said...

I like the idea of having your calendar area on the bigger board and your weekly poem on the smaller board. The smaller board may not be big enough for your calendar depending how extensive your calendar is. Also are you going to post other math 'things' on it as well? You'd have more room on the bigger board. Teaching with Giggles


Thanks, Veronica. I did decide to move it to the bigger board. I've decided that I'm going to place all of my math manipulatives and daily activities in that area so it would only make sense.