Thursday, August 1, 2013

Classroom Makeover Day 2

How are you all doing? I have been busy working in my room organizing and starting to decorate. Can I say I am completely overwhelmed and stressed out? I have SO much stuff to go through. Ugh! Does anyone else feel this way? I have officially moved everything into my new classroom.
This is just some of the bins that I brought in. Inside many of my bins are books for my classroom library. As I unpacked them, I had to repack many of them because I can't use them in a Kindergarten classroom. Remember, I'm going back into the classroom from teaching K, 1, and 2 Reading for several years. So in a box they went into my closet. I started sorting them by levels and then topics. I still have to straighten them up and add labels to the front of the bins.
Here is a picture of the empty bins in my library. I forgot to take a picture of them before I left today. Duh! I had to take a break from the books. My eyes were getting blurry. So, I moved on to cleaning my cabinets and closet. I literally took everything out of them. There was stuff EVERYWHERE! The teacher whose room it was before mine came in and took her things out. She said a lot of the things were in there when she came in. I ended up boxing up a lot of the items and am going to put them out for teachers and aftercare to peruse when we officially return next week. I also got rid of broken crayons that were in bins and other miscellaneous stuff.

The teacher that had the room last year came in and removed majority of the stuff that is by the window. The only things I'm waiting to be removed are the Intermediate student chairs and two teacher desks. I was so happy when she showed up today. I was starting to feel claustrophobic.
I also put up my bulletin board paper and border with my husbands help. Oh yeah, my little one had to do some modeling in front of the board. He also, put up my Alphabet and Numbers. 

We both don't like the numbers being scattered around and will be changing it. I can't wait to finish decorating my room. It's my favorite part. I have so many cool things still to put up. I'm off to take a break for the night. I don't feel like cooking after cleaning ALL day, so I sent my husband to pick up a pizza and Chicken Parmesan from our favorite pizza place. Yum!
I hope you enjoy this post. Still a lot more to do. How are you all feeling as you start going back into your classrooms?
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Mrs. Siegel said...

Whoo hoo! Aren't you glad you got rid of all the other people's stuff? It makes organizing much easier :) Can't wait to do that with all the stuff in MY room!! I will be in Monday to start :) See you then!


Yes, it is exciting when you can get rid of the things that don't belong there. I have some chairs that I believe are suppose to go in either your room or the other 4th grade teacher's room. LOL!