Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Classroom Reveal

Busy, busy, busy! I know we all have been super busy over the past few weeks. Many of us have already started back or are just heading back. I know I sure have been. I am now in my second week of school. I know a little late but is ever really late to post pictures of your classroom. So, here we go!

Welcome to my Kindergarten Corral!
This is my job chart area. The jobs are posted on Wanted Posters and my students' names are on badges. My jobs are Trail Guide, Door Rustler, Sheriff (Teacher's Helper), Ranch Hands (lunchroom helpers & classroom monitors), Lantern Lighter, Pony Express (Messengers), Paper Wranglers, Book Posse (Classroom Librarians), and Banker. Each job earns a paycheck at the end of the week.
Here is my behavior chart.
Here is my Buckaroo Bucks Classroom Economy. My students earn money or get debits each day for their behavior based on the color they receive at the end of the day. I also hand out Buckaroo Bucks throughout the day to reinforce positive behavior. Students who have jobs that week receive a paycheck on Friday before the General Store (classroom store) opens.
 This is my General Store. Each drawer is worth a different dollar amount. (Sorry, the labels are missing in this picture.) The top drawer contains stickers and is worth $5. My students receive $5 at the beginning of the week to start off. As long as, they can keep that $5 then they will receive at least a sticker at the end of the week.

Above my windows, I made a valance using blue and red bandanas. I LOVE this added touch.

Here is my Word Wall and a close up of the letters. You can also see part of my Alphabet and Color Posters at the top.

A close up of my Alphabet and Color Posters.
Above my Calendar Math board I have my Shape and Number Posters that I made. (I don't know what happened to the pictures of my Calendar Math Board. They are missing. I'll have to take them again and repost later.)
Hello, little cute armadillo!

I added these cute 3D cactus around my room for detail. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
I also have my seat sacks that my mom made for me my First year teaching. They have survived 10 years of teaching and are still going strong!
Well, that's my Kindergarten Corral! What do you all think? I LOVE my theme this year. I went back and forth for many weeks before deciding and I couldn't be happier. Even though, I look around my room everyday and think about what else I need to add. Do any of you do the same?


Julie Stowe said...

Love your theme. You have organised it with style. BTW how do you like using roundish tables over rectangular. I'm about to buy new furniture and would appreciate your opinion.
Julie :-)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Keep em Thinking said...

I love your room! You've done a great job! I know the kiddos will love it!
Keep 'em Thinking!


Julie- I actually them. I have had rectangle tables before and I feel these allow for more room for my students. The supply caddies can fit in the center and they still have plenty of room for their papers. I do have one rectangle table and my student who sit there have to remove the supply caddy to have room to write.

Susan and Julie- Thank you both so much for your kind words. It means a lot. I love picking a theme for my classroom and being able to get creative.

Debbie Teise said...

Your room is so cute! Love the cactus!
I just finished my room yesterday...if you have a chance check it out. Have a great school year.