Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Strategy and Thanksgiving Crafts

So, I found this new strategy from Falling Into First called "Hand, Pair, Share".  I thought I would give it a try this past week with my students. Can I tell you that it was absolutely perfect and they asked me to do it everyday.

Here's how I used the strategy in my classroom. I handed out whiteboards, socks, and dry erase markers to my students. I had all of them seated on the carpet. I wrote a sight word on my whiteboard easel.
Then, I turned the easel around and my students had to write a sentence using that sight word onto their whiteboards. I slowly counted down from 10. When I got to 1, they had to be finished writing their sentence and put their dry erase marker inside their sock. Once I reached 1, they had to stand and find a partner by placing their hand to their partners.
This time I counted down from 5. Once, they were partnered they took turns reading their sentence. After they read their sentence, they would sit down on the carpet and I would repeat with a different sight word. The next time they partnered up, they could not be with the same partner they were with before. I have 20 students in my class so, they were easily paired up, but I did have a student leave for speech in the middle of this activity. I simply inserted myself into the process and one student got to read their sentence to me. They loved that! Here they are working on their sentences.
I also did this activity in Math with addition. I wrote a sum on the board and they had to write an addition sentence.

Check out Falling Into First to see how she implemented the strategy into her classroom.

This past week we have been working on gifts for our parents for Thanksgiving. We made handprint turkeys on pot holders. I got the pot holders 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. We then used fabric paint to make the turkeys. I wanted to use paint that would be fine if they chose to wash them at any time.

Of course, we needed a cute gift bag to place them in so, we made these adorable turkey bags.
I love the off center eyes on this one. The tissue paper looks like feathers. I am in LOVE with how these turned out. SO ADORABLE! What do you think?
I shared with you earlier this week my new Turkey Lurkey Craftivity. Here are the ones that my students made.
I love how they turned out. Super cute! You can find the craftivity by clicking below.
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and those of you who are starting their Thanksgiving Break are enjoying it. 

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