Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Currently

Happy Almost New Year Everyone!

I can't believe it will be 2015 in about 6 hours. I'm doing this a little early as I'm sure I will be busy tomorrow. I LOVE linking up with Farley. (Click here to check out others and link up.) I enjoy getting to learn a little about everyone. Don't you?

Listening: "Vanilla Ice Project" on the DIY Channel. I find it very interesting. I guess it's because it's all located about 40 minutes north of me. 

Loving: My hubs is also a teacher so we are both off at the same time. We are enjoying spending time together with our beautiful 4 year old girl.

Thinking: I have to make the dip for the party tonight. I'm making a Buffalo Chicken Dip and a "Trailer Trash" Dip (Chili Cheese Dip). Both are super yummy and simple to make.

Wanting: We are in the process of finding a bigger house. We don't mind fixing up a place. We just need to find one that we like and that we don't get out bid.

Needing: I need to get back into blogging more and creating more. I really MISS it. I took some time off and would post every now and then. I'm definitely going to be blogging more regular. 

Yes: I need to loss weight and I am determined to do it. I'll be blogging about it and hope that maybe others can hold me accountable along this journey.

Maybe: I want to try new recipes and step out of my comfort zone. 

I wish: I really wish to go to the I Teach K Conference this summer. It all depends on finances with getting a new house. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to go.

Can't wait to read your currently and hear your comments.


luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Found you via Currently!!! I am with you on the weight loss, Vegas and blogging here is to us getting it all done in 2015!!

Martha Carter said...

Definitely with you on weight loss. But, I don't want to be sad so let's move on to trying new recipes. I'm all for that for 2015!
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Heidi Neels said...

I think it's wonderful you are going to blog about your weight loss journey! What a great way to hold yourself accountable! God's blessings on you this new year!
Heidi Neels
Flipping For First