Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scarecrows Galore

This year I have a lot of students who are struggling with  their fine motor skills. I have  many who can't hold a pencil or scissors correctly.  I have been working with them a lot. Some have picked up very quickly, while others still need more practice. 

To practice our fine motor skills, I have found that doing crafts has helped them a lot. I find that having them trace the patterns onto the construction paper instead of already having the patterns on the paper helps them a lot. They have to hold down the tracer while tracing around the pattern.  After tracing the patterns, they cut out the pieces and start putting them together.  We have been doing this with crafts based on the topics we are learning about. This past week, we have been learning  about Fall. I created an adorable scarecrow craftivity that we created. The first one is my example.
For the patches, I cut out different sized squares of scrapbook paper. I chose patterns that were fall or  country pattern. Here are my students scarecrows.
(Notice  the one with the pink shirt and purple pants. My student wanted it  to look like it was walking. So creative!)

You can definitely see my students different abilities. Many of them have come a long way. I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. They are ALL precious in their own way. 

Check out my Scarecrow Craftivity to  add some fall into your room. I would love to see  your students creations.

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