Thursday, July 7, 2016


Today was one of the toughest decisions I had to make. I decided to close one chapter in my life and open the doors to a new one.

See I teach at a charter school. I have taught with this company for 9 year. Yup, 9 years! I have experienced so much in those 9 years. Recently, I have been facing the dreaded teacher burnout. I needed to make a change.

You see there are 3 different types of changes that a teacher can make when they face burnout. Change in grade level, change in career, or change in school. Well, I knew I didn’t want to change in grade level. My heart belongs with Kindergarten. I can’t see it any other way right now. Yeah, maybe in a few years I’ll want to change but right now it’s Kindergarten all the way! A career change isn’t something I wanted to do. I mean, I thought about it but I couldn’t see myself doing anything different. Well that left, a change in school. Yup, I thought about it. I thought about it a lot. Did I want to start over? Would I want to change schools? Would I want my daughter to change schools? What would it be like? There were so many questions running through my head.

Well, I decided to do it. I decided to take the plunge. After teaching for 12 years, 9 of which were with my current charter school company. I decided to make a change and move to a new school that is opening in my area. I will still be teaching Kindergarten. I will be a part of opening a new STEAM school. I am very excited for this new chapter. Sure, I’m going to miss a lot of the friends I have made at my old school. I’m going to miss all my friends that I have made within the company. I’m going to miss all the families that have been in my room over the years. There is so much I’m going to miss. I am however looking forward to all the new things that I will be experiencing. 


Kauni Logan said...

You have to do what's right for you and your family. Proud of and happy for you! Good luck with your new adventure!!


Thank you Kauni! It was hard, but I am ready for my new adventure.