Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leaping for Sight Words

It has been awhile since I have last posted. Life has gotten very hectic around here. I'm sure it has been for you too. We went away for Labor Day Weekend to Disney World and had a blast. My little girl absolutely LOVES the Dumbo ride. When we returned from our getaway, I quickly found out that my cousin who had Brain Cancer lost her battle after a year and a half. My heartaches for her 2 teenage child that she left behind.

Besides those few things I have been working on several projects over the last few weeks. The first one I have to share with you all is a Sight Word Game. I always LOVE to create new things for my students to use instead of just your average worksheet. I created this Sight Word game while watching my students in the classroom. I have some very active students and watched them hop around my room. Do you have some of those students?

I created this fun sight word game called "Leaping for Sight Words". I created 5 different Dolch Sight Word sets or a bundle pack of all the sets. To play is simple, the students take out the colorful lily pads and lilies and place them on the floor. They then choose a caller who gets the frog calling cards. The caller then reads one of the sight words from the frog cards and the other players must LEAP to either the lily pad or thte lily with the matching sight word. The player who gets there first gets the frog calling card to hold. After all of the calling cards have been called the player with the must frog cards wins and becomes the new caller. I have my new caller mix up the lily pads and lilies on the floor before beginning the game again. Here are some action shots from my First Graders playing:

My students LOVED the game and didn't want to stop playing. I LOVED watching their excitement for the new activity. It made practicing their sight words a lot more fun. I even caught one of my students telling another that he was going home to practice them some more so that he can beat everyone.

I have created several different options on how to purchase this item. You can either purchase each set individually or as a bundle from my TPT store. Click below to check my store out.

One lucky winner will receive this product for free. Good Luck to Everyone!
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FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I am so sorry about your cousin! ((hugs))
First Grade Blue SKies

Lori said...

What a cute activity for sight words.

Sara said...

This activity is so cute:)!


Kaylee's Education Studio said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your cousin. Your sight word game looks like a great idea to teach sight words.

The Teachers Backpack said...

Thank you all! Even though we had time to prepare ourselves, it was still rough. She was diagnosed over a year and a half ago. She was told at that time that sh only had a month to live. We found a treatment center in New York and she started treatment up there the following week. She was a fighter and wanted to prove the doctors wrong.