Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

August already! I can't believe it. This summer has flown by. Well, you know what time it is. It's that time of the month where many people link up and get to know what others are thinking about and doing. I LOVE completing a "Currently" each month with Farley at "Oh Boy Fourth Grade".

Listening: Whenever I am cleaning, cooking, creating, blogging or if there isn't anything on TV, I tend to have the Food Network on for background noise. I'm not even sure what is on right now. LOL

Loving: Tax Free Weekend Baby! Each year my state has a weekend (it use to be a week), where clothes, shoes, and school supplies are tax free. Of course that means, getting those needed supplies for the classroom, as well as, getting new pieces for my wardrobe. Today, I got a new pair of shoes, a dress, and 2 lightweight cardigans.

Thinking: I'm making a list of any other items I need for my classroom. I want to try and get them this weekend.

Wanting: Of course, I am wanting to get into my classroom to setup. That won't be happening anytime soon. My classroom and several others were used for Summer Camp and today was the last day. Next week, they will be cleaning, painting, and waxing our classrooms, which means I won't be able to actually get into my classroom until August 11th. I'm majorly stressing out, because I will only have 4 days to put my classroom together before Meet N Greet. Ahhhhh!

Needing: I seriously need to finish organizing my house. I'm going to use the next few days to finish going through closets, dressers, and toys and donating things that we no longer need. 

1st day for my is August 6th. I will be attending PD from the 6th-8th. Then, I will be heading into my classroom on August 11th to finally start setting up. I'm sure we will be interrupted with meetings and such. Meet N Greet is on August 15th and the kids start back on August 18th.

Make sure to stop by Farley's site to check out other "Currently"s. 


Mrs. Landry said...

Coming to you from Farley's linky... Wow I can bet you are sweating to get into your room! I'm sure you'll get it done though. :) And I'm so with you on the house organization. Better get it done now since we know once school starts, "ain't nobody got time for that!" Lol!
Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

Hi Cara,
I'm getting into my room this week. Can't wait to get it done! I go back on the 11th. SOON! I'll be shopping this weekend too. The tax saving helps! Are you in Florida??

Kathleen Wright said...

Well, tax free is incentive to shop! What state do you live in? See you around. Kathleen
Kidpeople Classroom

Sara Kovach / Dare to be Different - Teach! said...

That is so funny. I too often have the Food Network on. I have noticed that each day I come home from school that my TV is on that channel, even if I had been watching the local news before I left. I think my DVR just knows that is where it should be.


Thank you all for stopping by. Yes, I am in Florida. I am in South Florida.