Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over- So Sad!

Well, my summer has surely passed by quickly. Last week, I was looking at this: 

 We took a long weekend getaway to Disney's Vero Beach Resort. Each morning, I would get up and head out to the beach for a sunrise morning walk. Awe, peaceful! Ironically, I live about 20 minutes away from the beach and hardly ever go to that beach. Ha, imagine that! Well, tomorrow it is back to reality, as I will be sitting in PD for the next 3 days. Our Charter School Company does this every year. All of our sister schools in the area gather for PD together, followed by a luncheon on Friday at a local hotel. Then next week, we head back to our campuses and begin working on our rooms and having meetings. I'll have 4 DAYS to setup my room before Meet N Greet. Yup, I said 4 DAYS!!!! I'm going to blog about if I will be able to get it all done. Can you see the sweat pouring down my face right now? I sure can feel it.

Besides making my new clip chart, word wall letters, etc., I have been busy creating for my students. First up, I wanted to revamp something that I started creating towards the end of the year for my students. My students needed more work on building sentences and handwriting. So, what better way than making something that they can practice while also manipulating. Below is the old version. 
In this version, my students had to read the sentence, write the sentence, cut apart and glue the sentence, and illustrate the sentence. Isn't my students illustration adorable! I LOVE the sunglasses and sweat coming off of him. Ha! Now, I started to revamp and added tracing to the sheet. Here is the new revamped version.
This time they read and trace the sentence, write the sentence, cut and build the sentence, and finally illustrate the sentence. Sorry, my illustration isn't as cute a students would be. I'll have to work on my details.

As I was making the new pages, I thought why don't I make some where they practice building words as well. So I created one.
My students will read the word, trace the word, write the word 3 times, illustrate the word, and build the word. This will be perfect for my Word Work Station in Daily 5. I can't wait to revamp my other ones and make more seasonal versions. You can pick up the whole set and get a FREEBIE of it at my TPT store.
While I finished up that project, I also decided to make a new "All About Me" craftivity. I wanted to make something cute and looked like a backpack. My brain got to cranking and I came up with this. 
I LOVE it! Isn't it ADORABLE! I can't wait to see what color combinations my students come up with. I chose a teal and pink construction paper combo for my backpack.
Then I printed out on card stock the items that go inside the backpack pocket. 
First up is the birthday cake. They color their birthday cake and then add their age circle to the center of the cake. On the crayon, they write their favorite color and color their crayon that color.
On the lunch bag, they draw their favorite food. In the photo frame, they draw a picture of themselves on the First Day of School. These are so simple to make. I can't say it enough about how much I LOVE them. You can pick up all of the things you need to make these.

Oh yeah, did you know that there is a SALE going on! I have already bought several items and am going to go back for more. Stop back later to see what I bought and I would LOVE to hear about the things that you snagged.

Well folks, I am off to the gym and then going to run some errands. I'm going to hit up Dollar Tree for paper tray bins like Greg's over at Smedley's Smorgasboard. I'm sure I will get other things as well. Have a great day everyone!

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